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                Fall and Winter Schedule 2021/2022

   Competiton team starts the first week of September while all others start Monday October 4th

                    Dare to Love, Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance!

 Winter 2021 Class Description and Attire:



Gymnastics and Tumbling: We will start by learning a basic foundation in gymnastic and tumbling and building upon what we learn each week. Strong able bodies will be a big component in this class and we will be conditioning our bodies for flexbility and strength.

Lyrical,Contemporary, Modern: This class that will be based upon conditioning the body for more demanding choreography in dance. This class focuses on strength,  technique and stamina, as well as learning to connect emotionally to the choreography in which you are dancing. Attire: Jazz pants/ leggings, Hair back, Jazz shoes, footsies or bare feet.

Tap/TapFunk: This will be a mixed class teaching both the basics of traditional tap during the first half of the class, and then switching over to Hip Hop rythyms and styles for the second half of the class. Once basic tap is established the Hip Hop or tap funk element will be introduced, turning something rather ordinary into something funky and extrordinary! Attire:Hair up, comfy clothes, and black tap shoes.

Hip Hop/Jazz: This class starts with a fun warm up and stretch focusing on building strength and stamina, followed by across the floor combinations , and ending with a dance routine. different stlys of hip hop such as popping locking and street dance will be introduced along with some breaking. Attire: loose comfortable clothing that will allow free flowing movement. No jeans please.

Tap & Pre-Ballet: We will be covering the basics of both tap (rhythm and patterning) for the first half of class, and then switching over to pre-ballet that will foster balance and agility. Attire: Hair up out of face, leotard, and black tap shoes.

Beginner Tap & Jazz: Same as above with the second half focusing on basic Jazz principles. Attire: hair up and out of face, comfortable clothing, and black tap shoes.

Ballet:Ballet class will start with an age apropriette warm up using Barre work while stressing the importance of balance, poise, posture and flexibility. Attire: solid color leotard, white, pink or tan tights, pink ballet slippers, and hair up and out of face.

Dance & Gymnastics: This class starts with a warm up and stretch followed by structured activities that vary throughout each class. Classes may consist of mat work, including gymnastics, beam, dance games, obstacle courses and across the floor exercises. Attire: comfortable clothing, Bare feet, Jazz shoes or Ballet shoes are fine.

Creative Movement and Gymnastics/Mini Movers:This 45 min class will include the first 30 minutes of structured activities including imagery exercises, dance games and communication skills between peers followed by the last 15 minutes of free dance and play using props and dance equipment to foster their own imagination and creative abilities. Attire: comfortable clothing, ballet slippers, or bare feet. This is a Parent/Child class

"All That Jazz"Theater Jazz & Tap : We will be covering various styles of Jazz including Broadway, and Modern Jazz principles. This will be a fun Jazz class that will include Jazz warm up, stretch that focuses on strength and flexibility, across the floor combinations, and Jazz choreography. The use of props will be also used in this class and classic Tap including rythyms and percussions will be included.. Attire: Jazz Pants, Black Jazz Shoes/Taps, and hair pulled back.

Lyrical and Hip Hop:This class will cover both Hip Hop routines and Lyrical routines that will at times be fused together to make a remarkable and breathtaking art form. Hip hop with its sharp, hard hitting rhythms fused together with the flowing and softer moves of Lyrical really make this genre of dance stand out from the rest. Attire: comfortable yet somewhat body hugging clothing that will allow me to see your body alignment and lines. Black Jazz shoes.

Christian Dance:This class will include Hip Hop, Lyrical and Jazz styles that will be danced to mainstream Christian music. This class is for any believer who wants to express their love and faith to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through dance. Attire: Comfortable clothing, Jazz shoes or bare feet.

Hip Hop and Jazz Funk:This class is a fusion of hip hop and jazz elements brought together to make one funky jazz class. We will go over the basics of modern jazz principles along with different styles of hip hop both seperately and at times together to fuse the 2 into one funky routine. across the floor combinations, warm up, strength and flexibility exercises along with a routine all included in each weekly class. Attire: Jazz pants, Jazz shoes, and hair back or joggers, tee, and sneakers.

Cardio Dance & Tone: Latin and mainstream dance aerobics that was specifically designed to get you in tip top shape all while having a blast! Come join an hour of fun filled, dripping sweat, working your way to a healthier leaner you dance party! Attire: comfortable clothing, and clean supportive shoes or just socks.

You & Me Yoga: Accompanied by an adult, this fun and creative class will teach the children to express themselves through yoga postures, games and fun activities all in a safe and nurturing environment. Your child will come away from class with a sense of peace and focus. Bare feet or socks with grippies and comfortable clothes to move in is all you will need.  We have yoga mats, but feel free to bring your own.