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                Fall and Winter Schedule 2021/2022

   Competiton team starts the first week of September while all others start Monday October 4th

                    Dare to Love, Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance!


                             Tuition and Fees For fall/Winter/Spring 2021/2022 Classes

There is a $20 registration fee per student or $30 per family and will hold your students spot. This fee is non-refundable and does not go toward first months tuition. Please send this payment to Dance In The Isle @ 6 Reynolds rd Grand Isle Vt 05458.

Don't think you cant afford a dance class? Island Arts gives scholarships, just go to and fill out an application. Applications must be filled out before the start of the first class.

1 hour lesson per week.......$55 per month

40 or 45 min class...........$52 per month

75 minute class .....$58 per month

90 minute class....$60 per month

Learning a Competition Piece: 4 one hour lessons: $55 

2 one hour lessons per week......$110 per month

3 lessons per week......$152 per month

Unlimited dance rate per person.....$185 per month.

Single dance class rate..... $15 per class

Senior class rate......$50 per month.

Creative Movement for 2-3 yr olds.... $52 per month

Cardio Tone...... $13 per class.

Strengthen and Lengthen.....$13 per class or 6 week session $66

Gymnastics...... $52 per month for 45min $55 for an hour

Private lessons are available upon request and range from $40- $45 per hour. This lesson can be used toward a special performance in the end of the year recital.

                               Payment Policies/ Registration Fee

 I will see students on a weekly basis.  Therefore, Dance In The Isle will NOT send out monthly bills and will have a designated area in which you may leave your payment at the studio. Tuition is based on an annual rate and remains constant regardless of the number of lessons per month. Tuition should be payed for by the first lesson of each each month.  A late fee of $5 will be charged if more than two weeks late. If more than one months tuition accumulates, the child or person will not be allowed to continue their lessons until tuition is paid for in full. Returned checks will be charged a $30 service charge.  For Fall/Spring/winter Classes there is a non-refundable registratrion Fee of $20 per student or $30 per family. This will hold your place in your chosen classes for the season. This is a seperate charge from tuition, and will not be applied towards tuition.


With any sport or activity that requires one to become physical, there is always a small risk of injury. We ask all who participate, or allow there child to participate in dance class, to do so at there own risk. Children should never enter the studio without the supervision of an adult or teacher. Socks and uncut tights can make for an extremely unsafe and hazardous dance floor; and therefore, are not permitted. Covid rules for the state of Vermont must be applied at all times and children should stay home if they exhibit any signs of fever or illness. Masks will be worn upon entering and leaving the studio. Masks during actual class time will be left up to each group and their parents and a 6 ft distance will be maintained. 

               Attendance and make up classes                                                                             

Dance In The Isle is primarily operated only by Liza.  For this reason, it is important to come to classes regularly.  It is understandable that life presents unexpected obstacles; such as illness, family vacations, etc. which may be out of your control. Unfortunately, being the only teacher, Liza has limited time and space to make up classes; therefore, it may not be possible to make up a missed class. Tuition remains the same whether the student is present or absence due to the spot being reserved especially for them. There will be NO refunds or tuition deductions due to a missed class.


Dance In The Isle is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or misplaced property.

                                 Studio Dates

Fall classes will start October 4th 2021.They will end late May, with a recital showcasing all of our students in a dance performance. Date, time and location will be announced further into the season.

Dance In The Isle will follow the school calendar year of 2021-2022. Therefore, the studio will be closed for the same school breaks, holidays and vacations.  Reminders will be posted in the studio prior to a break. Reminder: tuition stays the same regardless of how many weeks are in a month and is based on an annual rate.


                                      Performance Fees

A non-refundable performance fee of $70 will be due by mid February for the first class, and $100 per family of 2 and $25 per costume needed beyond the 2 for students who are dancing in more than 2 routines in the spring recital. This only overs costumes for regular classes. This fee does not include any competition costumes that may be needed for the competition team. For the parents of a student/s This fee includes a Dance In The Isle costume that they will be able to keep at the end of the year and two tickets to the show. All other tickets are $10 a piece.